November 24, 2017
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Hi thanks for visiting, my name is Derrick Doo and I am a Interactive Media Designer who is offering Photography & Web design service that specialize in marketing your next listing.

I have an extensive background in computer science/technology, graphic design, web design, and online marketing.
I have helped numerous amounts of clients around the Bay Area to market their business and properties with a track record of success.

We are here to not only to help you create your marketing material but we are here to listen and attend to out clients needs.

Along with my creativity in designs, my clients would describe me as easy to work with, very sociable, and always meeting tight deadlines. I also carry a well professional manner so rest assured I will represent my client with highest regards in professionalism.

please feel free to contact me @ 415.696.2854 with any questions, concern or comments.

Meanwhile please take a look @ my latest project development below

Thanks for visiting and please feel free to give me a call @ 415.696.2854 and let me help and provide you with better quality of service in your next home listing or rentals

Derrick Doo

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